Coffee Bar & Small Batch Roastery

Small Batch Roastery

Originally Pan Roasted on a 1968 Bus

Uncle Leroy's Coffee Bus

Uncle Leroy’s Story: “When I bought my first batch of coffee, I knew the game had changed.  I returned home and I placed a scoop of green beans in a pan.  Ten minutes later, my first batch was ready.  The next morning my coffee was ground by hand.  I placed my grounds in a pour over basket.  Thirty seconds off the boil, I brewed a fairly rustic cup of coffee.  Stovetop roasting is a simple method that creates an uneven roast. The unevenness increases its complexity.”

Pan Roasted Coffee

“Within a month of that first batch, I noticed a posting for a 1968 school bus.  The bus was once owned by an outlaw preacher in Big Lake.  This bus was to become my coffee bar.  I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Creating a mobile coffee bar where people can step on and walk towards the counter captivated my mind. Past the counter, patrons would see a pan sitting on a rustic camp stove, where the coffee is roasted.  The coffee will be served one cup at a time by pour over.  This dream became my reality.”     

Double Decker Bicycle

Legend has it, "Uncle Leroy was a miner in Hope, Alaska.  Each morning, he roasted coffee beans over his campfire. Home roasting and handcrafting his coffee by pour over became his thing.  Some say that prospectors came, by horseback, from Sunrise for a cup." 

Pour Over Coffee on a Bus
Uncle Leroy's Coffee Bar
Drag Show, Uncle Leroy's Coffee
Uncle Leroy's Coffee

Coffee Bar & SMall Batch Roastery: After roasting on the road for many farmers Market seasons, Uncle Leroy decided to plant roots in Midtown, Anchorage to roast slightly more coffee. We now roast in 2 LB small batch using a fluid bed roaster.

Pull Expresso Machine, Latte

Our Coffee bar is a divey sort of joint. it’s your grandfather’s coffeehouse; that is if he was a beatnik.

Medium Build

Live music and first friday programming.

A Crepe Crew, Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch w/ a crepe crew

Queen’s Coffeehouse confessions

Carefree, Uncle Leroy's Coffee
School Teacher, Uncle Leroy's Coffee

“One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee 'fore I go
To the valley below” Bob Dylan